Camping Tips

When looking for a spot to pitch your tent, you want to look for somewhere which will be both safe and comfortable. Let’s start with the safety part.

If you’re camping close to trees, be aware of dead branches and pine cones which could fall onto you and your tent. Even a pine cone can cause some damage when falling from a height.

When camping close to water, make sure you are above the high water mark in case of flooding. This is particularly important when camping in the mountains, when a sudden rainstorm can transform a tiny stream into a raging torrent! Stagnant water will also attract bugs and mosquitos.

If you’re camping on the beach look for the high tide mark where the water has pushed debris up the beach. It’s also a good idea to check the tide charts in case you’ve timed your visit with a particularly high tide. 

Check the weather

If the forecast looks like its going to get a bit wild then try and find a spot which has some natural cover from the elements. This does not mean under a creaking old tree! If you know the wind direction then try and find some shelter behind a large rock or tucked under the tree line.

If you are looking for a camp spot in mountainous terrain you should also consider the elevation. You neither want to be camping too low or too high. If you pick a spot that is low down in the valley or a hollow then you will be in for a cold night! When the sun sets, the cold air starts to sink down the hill side and accumulate in hollows. Not only can be serveral degrees colder, but also you will wake up covered in dew as the condensation builds up over the night.

On the other hand, you neither want to camp too high. Ridgelines will be exposed to high winds and storms which can often come out of nowhere during the summer months.

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